Sustainable and Meticulous

Our Farming Methods

Purity and harmony begin in the vineyard. All of the vineyard sources for VASO wines are farmed sustainably to protect our natural environment, and nurture the highest quality fruit. These methods require intense attention to detail, and often result in tending vineyards vine by vine — ensuring every individual plant has everything it needs to thrive.

The fruit from these vines offers a rare and vibrant purity, with every element in perfect harmony.

Natural Vitality and Balance

Our Winemaking

VASO Winemaker Maura Johnson is UC Davis Viticuluture and Enology graduate who honed her craft in Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Napa Valley before joining our sister winery DANA Estates in 2018. She and her cellar team find fresh creativity with the VASO portfolio, exploring new frontiers of sourcing and blending to create new works of art.

VASO wines are defined by their vitality and poise. We limit new oak in our winemaking, and minimize intervention as much as possible in order to highlight the unique vibrancy and character of our grapes. Through careful selection and blending, we ensure every VASO wine achieves a transcendence balance: bright and pure at release, but with the structure and energy to age gracefully for many years to come.

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