VASO Founding Membership

VASO wines can be secured by joining our Founding Membership. Founding Secure Allocation Members will be treated to priority access of up to thirty-six bottles of VASO Cabernet Sauvignon and up to six bottles of VASO Sauvignon Blanc in perpetuity.

Additionally, members will receive invitations to special gatherings, membership prices on VASO Cabernet Sauvignon ($75), and VASO tastings at Dana Estates. We welcome members to purchase additional VASO wines, up to their allocation amount, throughout the year.

There is no cost to join our Founding Membership; however, we do require a six bottle minimum and one year commitment to retain your membership. Please call us at (707)963-4365 to join our Founding Membership, and we would be happy to assist you.

Please click the link below if you would like to purchase wine without joining our Founding Membership.

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