From Ghost Winery To Premiere Napa Vineyards Estate

June 2nd, 2019

We understand terroir when it comes from the glass. The earth, the climate and that certain “sense of place” that is unique to every vineyard. It’s the spirit that drives the winemaker and the allure that captures the wine drinker. It can also be the memory of a place, from the fondness of your tasting experience to the very foundation of the place itself.

When you come to visit VASO Cellars, you are welcomed on to our Napa vineyards and Estate which is also home to Dana Estates in the heart of Napa Valley. A stretch of about three miles long, our property sits within the esteemed AVA of Rutherford.

The Estate comes with a history that embodies the spirit of VASO Cellars. First planted by German viticulturalist H.W. Helms in 1883. The original winery itself was set in stone, and can today be considered a “ghost winery.” This refers to the first Napa Valley wineries built prior to 1920’s alcohol prohibition.

Closed during prohibition, the property was revived by Diana and John Livingston in 1976 as they purchased and developed the Livingston Vineyards label; later to be known as Livingston Moffett.

From Ghost Winery To Premiere Napa Vineyards Estate

In 2005, the winds of change blew over the winery again as VASO proprietor Hi Sang Lee, upon a trip to the Napa Vineyards, was captivated by the Estate. Inspired by the history and potential of the land, Lee acquired the winery and with the help of esteemed architect and designer Howard Backen began a renovation to restore and revive the property.

Our wine philosophy is as much embodied in the walls of our Estate as they are the wine itself: Elegance with minimal interference to for the full expression of beauty and refinement. The Estate spans 2,700sq/ft and captures both our past, present and future. Howard Backen’s efforts preserved the old stone walls of the winery and incorporated the original structure into the design. Look closely and you can find reminders of our foundation, such as a 19th century iron insignia near the entryway.

When you come to a tasting for VASO Cellars, we welcome the chance to have you experience the history of our property from story to glass. We are charged with continuing the legacy of our land and the Napa viticultural history from the past for years to come.

To reserve a tasting with VASO Cellars wines at our Napa property, click here. We look forward to welcoming you and adding your experience to our story.

From Ghost Winery To Premiere Napa Vineyards Estate