Winter In Wine Country

February 12th, 2020

In the Winter months, the activity in the cellar and among the vines keeps us busy as we prepare for another great growing season coming! Here’s what’s happening at the Estate…. While our vines are dormant through the winter here in Wine Country, the winery is still bustling with lots of work. Activity in the cellar and among the vines keeps us busy as we prepare for another great growing season coming! Here’s what’s happening at the Estate….

Pruning our vineyards
At VASO, we are able to maintain our low-intervention winemaking practice because we allow our vineyards to do the work in the field. But that doesn’t mean they do it all alone. Our talented vineyard management team spends the winter months pruning our vines with a practice learned with Old World winemaking experts. Before the characteristic Napa Valley mustard comes to town, we have laid down the cover crop in our Estate and Mountain vineyards to condition the soil and prime it for another fruitful growing season. This year, we have laid down a cover of clover and grasses on our Hershey Vineyard to create a diverse and thriving soil makeup. This blend changes year over year depending on what the soil needs to find balance.

Bottling VASO Sauvignon Blanc
VASO Sauvignon Blanc has been recognized as one of the most age-worthy white wines in Napa Valley. Most Sauvignon Blanc that you experience from Napa has been aged in stainless steel to maintain the striking acidity that this variety is known for. At VASO, we believe in the complexity and ability of our Sauvignon Blanc to hold up to age. Grown in our vineyards in Howell Mountain, the cool morning fog leads to moderate daytime temperatures and late day sunshine that creates a balanced acid and fruit balance. In the cellar, the Sauvignon Blanc spends 16 months aging and is stirred on the lees before it is bottled. The gentle oak creates the framework for one of the most intriguing white wines our of our region.

In late January and February, we are seeing the wines go from barrel after about 12 months and now to bottle where they will spend additional time bottled aged before we release them to our allocation list.

Winter In Wine Country

Tasting Our Base Blends
One of the distinct characteristics of VASO winemaking is our practice of establishing our blends much earlier than our contemporaries. This time of year, our winemaking team spends 4 days tasting over 40 different base blends to establish VASO Cabernet Sauvignon. Our winemaker Chris Cooney and the winemaking team spend this time defining the characteristics of the vintage so that each release of VASO wine is true to the year. With our base blends established early, they are set aside to age and develop into the wine you come to know upon release.

These winter months are an ideal time to beat the hustle and bustle and come experience your own Winter In Winter Country at the Estate. Want to come and taste with us? Book your private tasting at the Estate here.