The Wine

Our wines are crafted to express the land from which they are grown. The wines have structure, freshness and ageability. We use less new oak in hopes of making the wines more approachable sooner in their life and to highlight the fruit. The oak that is used in both wines still gives them the structure to age appropriately. No measure that may be employed to improve quality will ever be sacrificed.

Vaso Cellars - The Wine

The meaning of “vaso”

We understand VASO to mean vessel and use it to share the beauty and potential of the Napa Valley with you through our story, philosophy, farming practices, and wine.

We take inspiration in our approach with VASO from the Korean Moon Jar crafted during the early Joseon Dynasty of 1392-1910. The remaining examples of the Moon Jar are Korean national treasures -- lauded for their immense beauty and uniqueness, they continue to provide inspiration for artists of many different disciplines.

VASO CELLARS Cabernet Sauvignon

The VASO Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon, is a blend of four unique estate sites in the Napa Valley, with the Hershey Vineyard atop Howell Mountain providing the backbone of the wine. Through rigorous farming practices, and a minimally-interventionist approach in the winery, the VASO Cabernet Sauvignon is set apart by its freshness, purity of fruit, energy, balance, and the structure to age for a decade or more. 

VASO CELLARS Sauvignon Blanc

From the cool, high-elevation, mineral-rich Hershey Vineyard, VASO Cellars crafts a small-lot Sauvignon Blanc in a rare, age-worthy style. Our Sauvignon Blanc expresses its site with marked minerality and lively citrus acidity.  benefits from aging for 18 months cement, oak and stainless steel.